The Grand Mastery Academy

Teaching employable skills to underserved communities.

Our Mission

Every person on this planet can earn a handsome living by learning technical skills. We make it easy to find learning opportunities.

Web Development

Web developers are the backbone of many tech companies. We teach web development skills by aggregating content from open-source.

Data Science

Data Science and ML engineering are some of the most growing professions. We partner with data science teaching platforms, to bring data science education for free to many underserved communities.


The Grand Mastery Academy is now accepted as a partner organization in the DataCamp Donates program. Donates is a generous offering of DataCamp to help non-profit organizations teach data science, data analytics, and machine learning skills to underserved communities. To date, several thousand learners from underserved communities have benefited from the donates program.

Our Progress

We started our efforts in the summer of 2022, and are teaching our first full-time data science curriculum to over 30 students online. We plan to expand this offering to many more learners in the upcoming months.

Help us succeed!

We aim to teach to over a million learners from underserved communities. If you are an ed-tech platform, we would love any partnership opportunities.

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Thank you!

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